Why You Should Add Surfing to Your Routine

You're an athlete who runs, swims and bikes for personal training and competition.

You have to balance work, family and exercise so your time is precious to you.

It takes a lot of structure and commitment to keep on your highly focused routine. But it gives you great satisfaction to train so intensely, because you know your performance will reward you for all of your hard work and discipline.

When the race or competition is over you have time to heal and prepare for the next race. Your personal discipline, athleticism and winning attitude is perfect for what I'm about to share with you. You have focus and fitness strength under your belt. Now you need to connect recreation to your life—surfing.

I've been teaching students the art of surfing for over seven years. It takes time to:
  • Survey the beach
  • Learn body movement with boards before entering the water
  • Adding water to newly learned skills
  • Attempting to catch a wave
They "paddle like their life depends upon it," says four time World Surf Champion Andy Irons. With all their adrenaline, fear and courage combined, they attempt to pop up, balance and stand.

Nothing that I've witnessed in my life has been more transformational than when they catch their first wave.

 It's like a light switch goes off in their heads. They're up and doing it. They're riding they're first wave.

It's an exhilaration and triumph from only a small miniscule moment in time. Everything they've worked so hard in learning that day has manifested itself in that amazing and joyful moment.

This is what surfing offers all students of life, but you as athletes have a huge advantage. You're already in the shape it takes. You have the focus and courage to go for it. Why not add surfing into your lifestyle during spring and summer? It will inspire you, teach you and make you an even more talented and humble athlete.

Add the balance and relaxation that you need in your life and hit the water.

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