The five best surf videos of the week all in one place.

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Voodoo Child

At 18, Ian Gentil is already showing signs of a surfer much more mature than his peers. His well-rounded air, barrel, and rail game will make him a force to be reckoned with for years to come. In this clip, Ian sticks to his home breaks on Maui, but the diversity of the waves and camera angles creates a unique feel that extends beyond the island and shows an ability to perform in all conditions.

On The Way
Don’t let the opening section of Dane Reynolds in medium-sized Rincon waves deceive you. After a drive south, Benjamin Sanchis ends up at solid Todos Santos with a handful of big-wave chargers. Pristine conditions and sketchy collisions make the end section extremely enjoyable.

Month Two
By no means a household name, South African Mikey February has air steeze that deserves your attention. At nearly twenty years of age, it’s hard to say what the future holds for Mikey, but regardless of how he does on the ‘QS, he’ll have plenty of waves to feast upon in his homeland.

Across Indonesia
The waves are the real star of this one. Brazilian Jeronimo Vargas opens with perfect Desert Point then cuts to, well, perfect Nias. Barrel after barrel throughout its entirety.

Enjoying Lines
Fairly well known in Europe, Frenchman Vincent Duvignac won us over with this clip. His mix of old-school smoothness and aerial variety are rare. Also of note, he seems to be a fan of the fullsuit, booties, and gloves setup. We spoke at length in the office as to whether that violates cold-water wetsuit etiquette; we decided it doesn’t and looks pretty badass.

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