4 Reasons why Surfing is the BEST exercise

1.Improved Balance and Composure :

In order to stay on the surfboard, you must have a strong ability to maintain your balance. This skill carries over into everyday life. While it may not appear to be especially important while you’re young, having a good sense of balance is increasingly essential as you age. If you can create a good sense of balance while you’re young, you will be able to maintain this ability as you age and protect yourself from falls, breaks and fractures.

2.Increased Strength

High muscle mass is important for a number of reasons. It increases your ability to do your activities of daily living. High muscle mass results in an increase in your metabolic rate, thereby increasing calorie burn over the course of the day. This can help you achieve weight loss goals, and can aid in the treatment and prevention of obesity.

3.Increased Flexibility

Increased flexibility is important in that it can not only help to make you a better surfer, but can also aid in the prevention of injuries both on and off the surfboard.

4.Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Strengthening your cardiovascular system can help improve shortness of breath, fatigue and even prevent heart attacks. Research has found that the best way to improve your cardiovascular system is by participating in activities such as walking, swimming or surfing that stress your heart and the accessory organs.

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