Winter Storm Hercules Spins Towards Europe with XXL Potential

Storm graphs are predicting a massive swell heading towards Northern Europe, as daring big wave surfers chase what could be one of the biggest storms to reach the Portuguese coastline. Now referred to as “Winter Storm Hercules” is moving off the US East Coast and into the Atlantic.

The last XXL swell at Nazaré’s North Canyon in October produced one of the most dramatic days the sport of big wave surfing has ever seen, as Maya Gabeira (BRA) took the wipeout of her life nearly drowning on one of the biggest waves ever attempted by a female surfer, rescued unconscious by tow partner Carlos Burle (BRA) who then returned to the lineup to drop in on one of the biggest waves ever recorded.

‘Dramatic’ is an understatement…

Giant and classic Nazaré in December 2013. This week’s incoming swell may not be as manageable. Photo: Jorge Leal

Will the incoming storm be able to top the last massive swell at Nazaré? Garrett McNamara posted, ‘How big is it gonna get???’ Photo: Facebook

“Big Monday” documents a historical big wave session in Nazaré filmed by Miguel Costa on October 28th, 2013. A skilled group of big wave athletes entered the 60 ft+ swell that hit the small fishing town, internationally known for Garrett McNamara’s “100ft” bomb – a World Record for largest wave ever surfed

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