Imanol Yeregui : Roka Puta : The Winter Session

Very few reached for their big wave gun when they saw the oncoming Hercules swell. Basque grom, Imanol Yeregui, was part of the mettlesome minority.

“I was looking at the charts and I knew it was going to be ‘the session, ” says Imanol. “I was scared though, the power and size of the waves were unreal. And especially after knowing that the night before the waves had caused serious trouble in San Sebastian, where the ocean flooded into the city streets, the same in Zarautz and many different locations of our coast. However, I kind of felt pretty calm when I first got to Roka Puta that day. It was huge and powerful but the waves looked beautiful. So I decided that it was the day and I wanted to get one of the big sets. Once in the water I saw a big set approaching, I turned back and paddled as hard as I could. The result was one of the best rides of my life so far.”

Location: Roka Puta, Pais Vasco

Filmed and edited by Victor Delgado

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