The surfing super heroes of the comic books

The most famous comic book heroes are avid surfers, too. The popularity of the sport of riding waves has been in the comic strips ever since, between epic battles and imaginary worlds.

Marvel Comics and DC Comics control more than 80% of the comic book market. Their longtime rivalry has attracted millions of fans to the fantastic world of super heroes. Each brand has its stars, and both emblems have their uniquenesses.

Surfing has been featured many times in the panels of images, speech balloons and front covers. Riding waves has been seen as a futuristic sport, in which super heroes are depicted riding waves and planetary atmospheres.

Can a surfboard be a trump for a super hero? Absolutely. Let's see how these fantastic behave in the waves.

DC Comics, founded in 1934, has showed his surfer characters in many strips. Plastic Man, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superboy, Superman and Batman have been spotted surfing away or against their classic enemies.

Marvel Comics, founded in 1939, have presented three important heroes riding with surfboards under their feet. A full-time wave rider named Silver Surfer, the famous Spider-Man, and the villain Doctor Doom.

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