North Shore Live Teaser

Right now, there are a lot of our favorite surfers on the North Shore. The place is teeming with talent, and so SURFING teamed up with Red Bull to take advantage of all those people being in one place. We’ve gathered some of the world’s best to discuss what they know best — winning world titles, competing on the WCT, surfing big waves and keeping those big wave surfers safe. We’ll be streaming interviews with these heroes live on this Wednesday and Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. Pacific time.
Wednesday’s show will cover big wave surfing and include guests like Shane Dorian, Greg Long, Makua Rothman and more. Thursday we’ll talk with Mick, Kelly, Julian Wilson, Jamie O’Brien and a handful of others on the state of competitive and freesurfing, among other topics. It’s sure to be entertaining, insightful and include all the hiccups one can expect from a live show. Won’t you join us?

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