Pipeline Masters: 10 Best Photos (Day 1)

Jadson Andre at Backdoor. Photo: ASP

Sebastien "Seabass" Zietz on his way to a perfect 10 on day 1 of the Pipe Masters. Photo: ASP

Ryan Callinan on his way to a win over Dane Reynolds. Photo: ASP

Bede Durbidge will match up against Nat Young when Pipe Masters action resumes. Photo: ASP

Gabriel Medina on his way to a a near-perfect 9.67 point ride. Photo: ASP

Local wildcard Marcus Hickman was unable to get past Alejo Muniz in round one. Photo: ASP

Damien Hobgood could be bumped off the WCT after his round two loss to Adam Melling. Photo: ASP

The Pipe Masters as seen from the judges chambers... Photo: ASP

Fred Patacchia eyeing his first Vans Triple Crown of Surfing title... Photo: ASP

After making it through day 1, Dusty Payne will have his hands full against Joel Parkinson when action resumes. Photo: ASP

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