Could You Surf Shipsterns?

The following takes place between 1.30pm and 4pm Wednesday 26th October. This is a re-edit of the original file that was upload 2 years ago. Pretty much the same footage and music just a few errors fixed up.
Most of this footage is in chronological order and gives a good idea of how a swell builds during a session. The forecast for this day was early rain clearing to a 10-12ft southerly swell with light variable winds. A whale pops in to say G'day but everyone out in the water seemed oblivious to the big guy.
This edit was filmed with a Canon SX40 and one battery.

Dave Otto
Marti Paradisis
Tyler Hollmer-Cross
Sandy Ryan
Danny Griffiths
James Hollmer-Cross
Alex Zawadzki 
Caleb Mclean
Kipp Caddy
Nine Inch Nails
licensed under a Creative Commons 
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license

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