The Tracks Electric Cool Surf Experiment

After a restful night at the La Casa stronghold, this morning we were greeted with gifts. Ben McTavish rapped on the door at around 10:30 bearing four varied and beautiful crafts, each the lovechild of the four shapers taking part in our Electric Cool Surf Experiment. Shaped two days prior in the Byron hinterland, they were turned around quick by some talented local board manufacturers and were now ready to go, that is of course after our artists had their way with them. Taking up varied positions around the house, each with a board under their arm they applied brush, pen and spray in a varied array of approaches. The results (or hints of) can be seen below. Stay tuned for when they hit the water in the next few days…

The Ben McTavish getting the Paul McNeil treatment.

Tracks art director, Mat Macready takes time out from the pages of the mag to put pen to fibreglass.

Tom Milledge takes his unique approach to an asymmetrical single-fin by Simon Jones.

Louis Gervais, knows his way around a posca pen.

Johannes Leak, putting the dreams of many men onto the deck of a Simon Jones special.

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