The best surfboard fins in the world

The surfboard fin industry has been evolving in the last 10 years. Until then fins were considered a secondary gear item in surfing. Now, fins are crucial to high performance wave riding and can make the difference in competition.

Selecting the best fin kit for your surfboard and your surfing skills is not easy, but you can getan in-depth look at fin selection. Nevertheless, there are a few general formulas. If you're a light surfer, pick fins with less area and if your surfboard has a wide tail, choose a bigger fin.
Are you looking for quick responses from your surfboard? Buy a stiffer fin kit. Going for big waves in a small surfboard? Take larger and more swept fins. There are multiple combinations you can actually test.
There are six main fin setups: single fin, twin fin, thruster, 2+1 fin, quad and five-fin setups. The surfboard fin industry is dominated by no more than eight brands.

Fin Control Systems (FCS) is the leading trademark and was founded in 1995 by Brian A. Whitty, in Australia. Future Fins is also fighting for a relevant share of the mark.
Both fin brands offer a complete collection of units for every type of surfing needs. It is possible to combine and balance speed with surfboard responsiveness and there are fins for shortboards and longboards.
Dorsal, Red-X Fins, Speed Fins, Rainbow FinsFin SolutionsKinetik Racing and Turbo Tunnel complete the list of the most famous surf fins in the world. Almost all fins can be tightened down with an Hex key or Allen wrench.
Discover what are the best fins for your surfboard.

This surfboard fin review has been updated on the 4th October, 2013.

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