Cymophobia is the fear of waves and swell

Cymophobia is an abnormal fear of waves, sea swells and other wave-like motions.

It has been studied that people who fear water, the dangers of any type of H2O or unpleasant memories regarding waves, swell, oceans or rivers are likely to suffer from cymophobia.
The sound of crashing waves against the shore can ignite panic in some people's minds, even though it may look crazy at a first glance. The power of Nature, translated into water, is capable of scaring people suffering from this phobia.
Tsunamis, big waves, traumatic childhood experiences in the beach, waves hitting cliffs or rocky regions, tidal waves, floods, wave pools and river waves can easily trigger cymophobia.
The fear of waves can be treated. It may require hypnosis, psychotherapy or even acupuncture. Cymophobia forces patients to live far away from the oceans, rivers and lakes. The symptoms of cymophobia are vertigo, dizziness, headaches, feelings of nausea.
The exaggerated or irrational fear of waves can't be confused with a natural disquietude, distress, apprehension or alarm triggered in the surfer's mind, in a big wave surfing session.
Fear is a good thing. Panic is dangerous. Discover the best ways of fighting the most common surf fears.

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