Surf’s up! Three-year-old boy rides waves in Morro Bay, California

When Triston Gailey was 2 years old, his father took him boogie boarding.
Now 3 years old, the California preschooler is surfing standing up.
His dad, Todd, 35, a firefighter from San Luis Obispo, calls his son "a natural."
"He's the most coordinated 3-year-old I've ever seen," Todd told the Tribune News.

The youngster isn't just a surfing prodigy. Triston also skateboards, rides a bike (without training wheels), and has hiked Half Dome's granite crest in Yosemite National Park.

He could dribble a soccer ball across a field at 14 months.
But like any 3 year old, sometimes Triston just wants to play with blocks and toys — and chase squirrels.
Todd insists that he doesn't try to push his son.
"I just want him to enjoy everything he does," he told the Tribune News. "I don't really care how good he does or doesn't get. I'm just loving surfing with him."
"I just figure as long as he's enjoying it and he's asking to do it, I'll keep letting him try."

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