Münster Barrels: Film fest celebrates the tube

The very first Heroes By Nature event will be kicking off in Münster September 5th, 2013, with a special program of surf movies focusing on the ultimate, elusive sensation…the tube. Taking place at the Münster Cineplex –the largest of it’s kind in Germany –an incredible line-up of surf cinema will showcase some of the most stunning water footage ever captured.

Call it what you like; the tube, pit, barrel, keg, mystic eye, shack, green room, Torquay time tunnel…getting deep inside provides surfing's ultimate sensation, setting it apart from all else. The tube is the place where time slows down and sensory perceptions are heightened, the ultimate thrill that countless surfers the world over sacrifice everything to chase.

After over half a century of tube-riding exploits, it remains surfing's ultimate sensation, it’s Holy Grail. Paying cinematic homage to that spectacular rush, the inaugural installment of Heroes By Nature focuses on the lengths the world’s greatest wave riders will go to in search of the biggest, thickest, deepest tubes.

An jawdropping program of surf movies will take the viewer across Australia’s wild oceans, where the huge tubes explode over shallow reefs in ‘Storm Surfers 3D’, to the four corners of Africa, where audiences will discover the world's longest barrels in a special cut of ‘The Africa Project’.
Cinema goers will be able to experience first-hand the rush of riding deep inside, witnessing a unique perspective a relative few have ever seen first hand, as stunning ocean cinematography and cutting-edge 3D technology combine to create the definitive surf movie double bill.

Special guests in attendance on September 5 will include big wave icon Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time world champion Tom Carroll, who will introduce their critically-acclaimed documentary ‘Storm Surfers 3D’and answer questions from fans. Also in attendance will be ‘The Africa Project’ director Jason Hearn and cutting-edge big wave surfer Grant ‘Twiggy’Baker.

The HEROES BY NATURE surf night will be beamed live from Münster via satellite to more than 45 digital cinemas in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Romania. Red carpet arrivals at the Münster Cineplex will begin at 7.30pm, beamed live to all participating screens across Europe. The main show will start at 8pm when host Tim Warwood introduces the first feature, The Africa Project. Following the credits, Tim will then welcome the stars of both films on stage for a Q&A session before introducing the second film of the night, Storm Surfers 3D –plus a very special bonus clip.

Filmmaker and surfer Jason Hearn embarks on an epic journey to discover the greatest waves his home continent has to offer in this epic documentary. Shot over the course of three years, this stunning labour of love sees Jason travelling from North Africa to Mozambique and joined by the likes of Jordy Smith, Royden Bryson and many more as they go in search of surfing perfection.

Starring Jason Hearn, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Jordy Smith and Royden Bryson
Directed by Jason Hearn
Produced by Jason Hearn
Running time: 50 minutes (Highlight-Cut)

Presented in stunning 3D, this audacious surfing documentary follows best friends and big wave legends Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll as they head on a daring missions to ride the most dangerous barrels in Australia. Along with surf forecaster Ben Matson, the pair travel from Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania to Ours in Sydney, in search of the thickest, beastliest pits.
Starring Ross Clark-Jones, Tom Carroll and Ben Mattoon
Directed by Justin McMillan and Christopher Nelius
Produced by Ellenor Cox, Marcus Gillezeau, Ester Harding, Philipp Manderla and Anthos Simon
Running time: 95 minutes


Heroes By Nature is a monthly cinema showcase of action sports and adventure movies that not only unites a core audience in front of the big screen, but also connects them with the people in front of and behind the lens. By connecting all 45+ cinemas across Europe through a live broadcast, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in touch with the filmmakers and artists who, thanks to their cutting-edge films, get us closer than ever to the action. The next HEROES BY NATURE event will be in Vienna, Austria, October 3rd. Further events in 2013 and 2014 will take place in Switzerland, Spain, Finland and Romania


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