How do you get sponsored?


I am just wondering what the best way to get sponsored is. Some of my friends say that it is making a resume of contest results and giving it to sponsors, some people say go to surf shops a lot, and I think it is just enter contests held by sponsors.

Please tell me which way is the best to get sponsored by.

Longtime sponsored surfer Pat O'Connell offers up some advice:


There are a few ways to go after landing a sponsor.

My first sponsor when I was a grommet was a local surf board manufacturer. The guy surfed the same beach as I was surfing, and he gave me some deals on boards. Man, I was stoked.

From there, I went after the illusive clothing deal -- definitely the most coveted of the sponsorship deals. I put together a portfolio with some photos and contest results and sent 'em away hoping that in a few days my phone would be ringing off the hook with offers.


Well, a month later I did get one call and from there I had my first clothing sponsor.

I was stoked but it wasn't quite the same as my surfboard deal, because I didn't have the same relationship with them as I did with my surfboard guy, which I really think is important.

All my sponsors now are good friends. Of course my situation is going to be different that yours but I do think that the same underlying idea must be the same. Relationships are the most important part of getting and maintain a sponsor.

If I were you, the first place I'd look is my local beach. Are there any rep's, pro surfers, industry people that could help you hook up with the right company? If not, the NSSA is a great place to go. The whole surf industry is down there every weekend scouting for up and coming talent.

Don't worry if your not the next big thing -- I wasn't . Kelly and Rob were out there ripping, and I was pulling up the rear but I had a good attitude and I was having fun so I found my place.

Here's the thing: being the best surfer isn't the only reason for getting sponsored -- your attitude and general stoke will go a long way.

The most important thing I can say is: don't let all this stuff get in the way of having fun. Sponsors will be there, just have fun surfing and it will all work out

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