The best surfboard bike racks in the world

Surfboard bike racks are the best of traveling to your local surf spot without spending money on gas.

Do you live near your favorite surf spots, but it is too far to walk to the waves? Are you saving your monthly budget from expensive car travels? Fortunately, surfboard bike racks were invented, so that you can easily move from your house to the beach without wasting money and polluting the atmosphere.
Sometimes, good waves are within a long walking distance. A bicycle is fast and will warm up your legs before hitting the line-up. There are three ways of transporting surfboards on a bike: side mounted, rear mounted and upright mounted.
The most popular way of driving a bicycle with your surfboard is with a side mounted rack. Although your bike gets wider, you have no security problems and wind won't halt you from speeding up.
Rear mounted surfboard racks leave your both sides free, but may blow you from side to side when wind is stronger. The upright mounted version puts your surfboard in a vertical position, right behind the seat.

Finally, there are also surfboard trailers, with wheels, which allow you to carry your surfboard and extra gear. Of course, you should watch out when turning and in steep roads and streets.

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