Ecuador Surf Spots

Ecuador enjoys several climates, from tropical to temperate, in the different regions. At the same time and because of its geographical location, the country experiences little variation in daylight hours during the course of a year
Ecuador is greatly influenced by the Pacific Ocean and, therefore, by the El Nino and the Peruvian/Humboldt ocean currents.
The best swell for surfing in Ecuador comes from the North, between December and April. Although you can get very consistent waves all year round, the El Niño pumps quality offshore rides.
Ecuador is being named as one the best countries to surf in South America. There are 700 miles of coastline to discover, as well as beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks for all surfing levels.
Montanita is one of the best-known surf cities of the country, with peaks for beginners and experienced surfers. Puerto CayoMantaSan Mateo and Mompiche should not be missed.
But if you really want to get the prime jewel of Ecuadorian surfing, you go to ride the waves of theGalápagos Islands, located 972 km west of continental Ecuador.
The Federación Ecuatoriana de Surf's website is

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