Video : Reeling Barrels at Desert Point

Kalani Chapman and Ezra Sitt get loaded at Desert point, Indonesia. However don't be fooled that these wave will be empty if you fancy a repeat.

video : Surf Snowdonia WaveGarden Progress

Surf Snowdonia Build Week 16
After only 2 months our site is starting to take shape.

How to Learn How to Surf - Fast and Easy Guide to Surfing

Get it down on the land. A lot of people feel as though surfing is much easier than it looks when in reality it is much harder than it looks. People watching good surfers think that there is nothing too it, this is because they are probably up on the rocks or on the beach watching, away from the cold water, violent undertoe, and the huge waves, ready to swallow you up if you make a big mistake.

When on land you should learn how you should paddle. Have your instructor go through everything from slight paddling, to being able to paddle for your life before you catch the wave of your dreams. If you get the speed down outside the water, it will be easier to know what you are shooting for in terms of strength of the stroke in the water.

After you get the paddling down, you should learn how to balance on the wave. I knows it seems like it would be easy, but humor me and listen. With the waves, and the wind, and the under-toe it is important that you learn that you must always stay low on the board once up. Pop up as soon as possible, with the swiftest motion possible, and after that focus on staying low. A lot of people pop up and get excited they are standing, and stand up tall, this will only cause you to lose your balance and fall into the ocean. Goodluck!

Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews at The Right (Full Documentary)

Like a tilted Vegas slot machine, odds are stacked high against the modern surf photographer. The problem is that a surf photographer has to deal with the ocean – the biggest and most unpredictable mass of matter on the planet. It’s this uncertainty that makes surfing seductive, but it also makes it damn hard to plan anything. Because unlike any other arena, the ocean guarantees you nothing. You could conceive the idea for a perfect shot, stand behind a lens for hours and never even get the opportunity to shoot it. Sure differs from a tennis court, but we’re finding there are ways around it.

A few weeks back, Red Bull teamed up with our friends at Stab for a concept shoot. Concept shoots are borderline unheard-of in surfing. But we had the imagination. We had the crew. And, hopefully, we would have the wave. So it was off to Western Australia with Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews. The plan was to whip Mark and Taj into the same massive wave at The Right – Taj in front of Mark – and have Mark shoot a photo of Taj from the belly of the beast. It would create a truly first-of-its-kind image, a perspective from the rarest of vantages. It was strange, curious, and bold. The best part is that it actually worked.

Kelly Slater: a pop star in the making?

Is Kelly Slater ready to be the next global pop star? The surfer from Florida has released "Feelin' The Feelings," a song that will break the heart of his female fans.

We knew that Kelly Slater enjoyed playing the guitar. In the last two decades, he made friends in the pop-rock music scene - Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Angus Stone are only a few examples. Once in a while, Slater also joins random jam sessions all over the world.

But lately the world surfing champion seems to be taking music seriously. With an open account on Youtube/VEVO and iTunes, Slater is ready for new stages and indoor applause.

"Feelin' The Feelings," the first official single released by the surfing singer-songwriter, features Karina Zeviani and Pretinho da Serrinha, two Brazilian musicians.

The pop tune was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Of course, some might say that Slater is just playing his mind games as Gabriel Medina chases the first Brazilian world title in the history of surfing.

How do you rate "Feelin' The Feelings"? Cheesy or catchy? Masterpiece or romantic duet? Take a look at the lyrics in both English and Portuguese.

Feelin' The Feelings | Kelly Slater ft. Karina Zeviani & Pretinho da Serrinha
Breaking down
With the thought of loosing you
Oh what I mess I made
Of my life, I'm terrified
To see what I am standing in
To Know the situation
You know that I
I’m feelin' the feelings again
You know that I
I’m feelin' the feelings again
How could I justify
The way that I've treated you
Is there nothing that I can do
To make things right in our lives
I am down on my luck again
Oh  what I fool I've been
To know that I 
I’m feelin' the feelings again
You know that I 
I/m feelin' the feelings again
Vou esperar
Dói demais
Preciso pensar em nós
Ouvir o meu coração
E você, como vai?
Viver por ai sem mim
Vagando de mar em mar

Vou chorar
Dormir, acordar, esquecer
Vou chorar
Dormir, acordar, esquecer

Brad Gerlach vs. Martin Potter: revenge comes 23 years later

In 1991, Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter had a famous altercation during a tense heat in Japan. More than two decades later both surfers competed against each other at Lower Trestles.

Twenty-three years ago, Potter punctured Gerr's favorite surfboard and put an end to the Floridian's world title hopes. Brad finished the 1991 ASP World Tour runner-up, right behind Damian Hardman.
"Heat starts, I'm kind of leading, he's got priority. A wave comes through, and he ends up letting it go. So I turned around and went and ended up blitzing the wave all the way to the beach," explains Potter.

"I ended up beating him and ruining his chances for a World Title. When I was paddling back out, I had a big smile on my face because I knew he had just totally screwed up."

The incident forced contest officials to suspend the heat. "We were getting into it. It was about 10 minutes in, and it could have got ugly if they didn't call us out of the water, so it's probably good that they did," adds Gerlach.

But they've returned to the water. Together, at Lower Trestles, for an ASP Heritage Series clash.
The 1989 world surfing champion opened hostilities with a 4.83, but Gerlach answered back with a solid right-hander punctuated by a deep bottom turn for a big, vertical crack at the lip and impeccable turns. The judges were awarded him a 7.83-point ride.

The archrivals kept reliving the 1990s. Potter loses a set wave, and Gerr takes his opportunity. He paddled into another right, showing off another big, opening turn to set up some float time and continue down the line. He scored a 6.33 and solidified his early lead.

"It was so fun to have this rivalry with Pottz over social media. I was stoked watching him. I wanted us both to catch a lot of waves. It's so rad after your career. It's also really nervous. It's not like you're warmed up," explained Brad Gerlach.

"I was frothing all day. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to go against Pottz. I'd also love to against Curren. He always used to beat me, too. Maybe I can beat him now that he's 50."
Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Gerlach waited 23 years.

ASP Heritage Series | Lower Trestles

Brad Gerlach (USA), 14.00 def. Martin Potter (ENG), 10.76

The ultimate encyclopedia of surfing animals

Humans who love surfing tend to think animals like to ride waves. Sometimes that is true and sometimes it is not. The truth is that the number of animals that hit the peak could easily easily justify the opening of a surf zoo.

Surfing animals are getting famous. Their names and stunts are spreading all over the internet making their owners proud and happy. Some of these creatures of Nature learn rapidly and prove they can do better than humans by, for example, hanging 20.

Training dogs, alpacas, goats, cats, rabbits, squirrels, seals, mice, sheep, pigs, swans, and even elephants requires time, dedication and patience.

Surf dogs were the first animals to hit the surf. Today, there are canine surf competitions in almost every surf town. Ricochet is the grand champion, and he also surfs with purpose helping children and adults with special needs.

Pisco is the world's most famous surf alpaca. He was trained in Peru by Domingo Pianezzi, and seems to enjoy the slopes of Lima's busiest breaks. Pisco always wears a flotation vest.

Goatee and Pismo are the most accomplished surf goats in the planet. Dana MacGregor trained the beautiful white animals at Pismo Beach, California. They're very popular in their home break.

Nicolasa, the cat, is another animal trained by Pianezzi. Cats don't usually like water, but this one seems to enjoy the thrills of wave riding.

Surf rabbits are still struggling to get worldwide attention. But they're already out the back working to pay the daily dose of carrots.

Twiggy loves waterskiing. He is trained by Chuck and Lou Ann Best in pools. Soon, he will be dropping in Jaws alongside Chuck Patterson.

Seals are just getting into surfing. They love surfboards. Ask Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders. When they were catching waves in Northumberland, a baby seal climbed onboard to learn how to surf.

Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry and Curly are The Radical Rodents, a bunch of surf mice with outstanding skills. They carve and get barreled; they float and trim the line. Unreal.

Mildred is the surfing sheep. She wears her own drysuit made of wool and shows a spectacular sense of balance. Mildred is unbeatable in the cold waters of Cornwall.

Kama is the world's most famous surfing pig. He is trained by Kai Holt, and they're regularly spotted at Sandy Beach, in Hawaii. Kama is a great swimmer and doesn't fear heavy wipeouts.

Black swans love to surf. These beautiful birds have showed their talent on the Gold Coast, with an impressive paddling performance in the waves of Kirra.

Last but not least, the surfing elephant. An Accenture creation to promote their services might inspire animal trainers to get real African mammals into the line-up.

Kelly Slater pulls impossible air at Lower Trestles

A precious swell returned to San Clemente for the conclusion of Round 2 of the Hurley Pro at Trestles 2014. Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater survived early elimination.

The Brazilian redeemed himself in a decisive heat against Raoni Monteiro. Medina displayed his selective air game and took the win with two airs.

"In the beginning of the heat we couldn't catch many waves. It was so slow and I was getting nervous. I'm just stoked to make it through. It's always hard to compete against a Brazilian guy but it's a competition and we just think about our job," underlines Medina.

Kelly Slater had a tough task ahead because Jeremy Flores was looking forward to improving his season results. The Floridian pulled an an acrobatic air followed by an impossible whitewater recovery to steal the show.

"I knew I needed to do something big, it was a little sloppy but I made it. Jeremy and I are good friends, we travelled together for years. That was a big heat for both of us being in Round 2," said Slater.

Four surfers have already completed their Round 3 clashes. Michel Bourez, Adrian Buchan, Mick Fanning and Miguel Pupo are through to the next round.

Hurley Pro at Trestles 2014 | Round 3 Results:
Heat 1: Michel Bourez (PYF) 14.67 def. Jadson Andre (BRA) 11.44
Heat 2: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 16.30 def. Nat Young (USA) 15.60
Heat 3: Mick Fanning (AUS) 13.60 def. Tiago Pires (PRT) 10.83
Heat 4: Miguel Pupo (BRA) 11.16 def. Kolohe Andino (USA) 10.93

Hurley Pro at Trestles 2014 | Round 3 Upcoming MatchUps:
Heat 5: Jordy Smith (ZAF) vs. Julian Wilson (AUS)
Heat 6: Gabriel Medina (BRA) vs. Carlos Munoz (BRA)
Heat 7: Kelly Slater (USA) vs. Tanner Gudauskas (USA)
Heat 8: John John Florence (HAW) vs. C.J. Hobgood (USA)
Heat 9: Adriano De Souza (BRA) vs. Filipe Toledo (BRA)
Heat 10: Taj Burrow (AUS) vs. Kai Otton (AUS)
Heat 11: Owen Wright (AUS) vs. Fredrick Patacchia (HAW)
Heat 12: Joel Parkinson (AUS) vs. Artiz Aranburu (ESP)

"Surfy" brings the flow of surfing to the iPhone

Do you remember "California Games"? Inspired by the 1987 video game, "Surfy" brings the excitement and flow of surfing into your iPhone screen.

The developers behind "Surfy" say the mobile surfing games combines the simple game controls and mechanic of the 1980s classics with modern features, like powerups, gravity-defying stunts, and head-to-head challenges.

Surfing games have always been a problem for game designers. Water and waves are not easy to emulate in a video game console. Fortunately, "Surfy" doesn't try to look real. On the contrary, it was made to be arcade-like.

While it may seem a bit juvenile, you'll easily get hooked on "Surfy," its colors, and imaginary world. The game invites you to land tricks and stay ahead of the wave. Helicopters, jet skis, submarines and whales have not been forgotten.

Collect power-ups, unlock new surfboards and challenge friends to work your way up the leaderboard. Get Lockie, Summer, Diego and Jasmine pulling the biggest airs in the history of surfing.

Living autism with Surfers Healing

Surfers Healing is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Thousands of children with autism have benefited from the magical powers of waves and salted water.

Surfing is a therapy for the mind. Lives have been changed because of the waves. When Israel and Danielle Paskowitz founded Surfers Healing, they discovered that they were actually causing a very positive impact on children living with autism.

At the age of three, Isaiah was diagnosed with autism, but his parents decided they wanted to improve his quality of life. And when Israel got his son on the waves, everything changed.
"He'd always loved the water, always seemed more relaxed and more comfortable splashing around than he did on dry land. More like himself. But we never thought about the calming, soothing effects all that time in the water might have on his overall personality," explains Izzy Paskowitz on "Scratching the Horizon."

"It wasn't a cure-all for Isaiah, not by any stretch, but for the hours we were in the water he was a different kid. He was attuned to his environment. He was laughing and happy. Mostly, he was calm."
Initially, only a few parents would bring their autistic children to the beach. They loved the idea and felt notable improvements in their kids. The word started spreading. Then came reporters, then came sponsors.

Surfers Healing, a non-profit organization, kept growing and expanding in the American continent, since it was founded in 1999. Thousands of children with autism experience surfing in dozens of surf camps held every year.

Autism affects communication and social interaction. It is often noticed when children show repetitive behaviors and ultra-focused interests.

"Don't know when or how or why Danielle and I hit on the idea of formalizing what I was doing with these kids. It just kind of happened, took on its own momentum and grew and grew."
"Without really realizing it, without really meaning to, we'd tapped into something bigger than Isaiah. Bigger than our own little family," concludes Israel Paskowitz.

Let the surf heal, on and on.