Learn How to Hold Your Breath for 3 Minutes With Ian Walsh

Big wave surfing requires more than just physical fitness; it requires mental endurance to prepare for the inevitable hold-downs that happen when pushing limits goes wrong. In this episode of "The Ian Walsh Experience," Ian undergoes training to improve his lung capacity and peace of mind when he wipes out on huge waves. With the help of specialized trainers, he increases his breath holds to over 3 minutes in just one day.

10 Surfers You Want At Your Party

Party planning is a tricky and sometimes maddeningly frustrating ordeal. Who gets the invite? Who gets the shaft? You can’t invite that one dude cause he has beef with that other guy and that group of girls wants to pull the hair from the head of that other group of girls and that girl is f’sure gonna puke on the couch. There are a lot of factors that go into planning the guest list for a party, especially if you’re friends with the worlds best surfers, who have can be either deadpan dull or crazy as fuck. A lot of surfers will fluctuate between these two extremes depending on swell forecast, competition schedule, contest results, as well as where they currently sit on the sponsorship fence. The list compiled this week will outline the 10 or so surfers guaranteed to help your party be memorable for all the right reasons. Let’s keep the positive party train rolling people! Read on and start sending out those invites immediately. — Chris Cote

1. Sebastian 'Seabass' Zietz

As far as positive party people go, you can’t do much better than Seabass. Him and all three of his thumbs can take your party from lame to insane in a matter of minutes. His moves on the dancefloor mirror his style in the water – unconventional, powerful, fast, wild, energetic, and unpredictable. A good party guest is someone who takes the crowd with them on a rocket ship to fun town – Bass does just this. He’ll dance alone, but if you’re within arms reach, you’ll be grabbed and dragged to the dance floor. Male or female, there’s no being a wallflower when Seabass storms the room. A good party guest is also generous with time, and floats about the room bouncing between groups and other guests, making sure everyone gets a “Hey, how are ya?” along with a high five and a shaka. Seabass is an expert at party guest inclusion, making him the number one surfer you want at your next party.

2. The Gudang Bros

One way to inject a high dose of pure 100-pefect raw positive froth power into your next shindig is to invite all three Gudauskas brothers (go ahead and throw Dylan Graves in there as a bonus awesome party person and your party is gonna rule). This threesome of joy could make your grandma’s funeral the rager of the year. It would probably start with Tanner grabbing some weird keyboard thing and starting a little beat. Then Patrick would grab an out-of-tune guitar and start jamming. Next, you’d have big Dane G jump up on the table singing a mariachi song at the top of his lungs. If your party starts slow, invite a Gudang – problem solved, your party is ripping.

3. Alana, Coco, Laura, Nage, Quincy, Bethany, Keila, etc.

This crew runs together with ladies coming in and out of the fold from party to party and place to place. Obviously they’re very good looking, so they bring that to the party, but what they also bring is good attitudes. These girls love to dance and laugh. They’ll dance like freaks on the beach, rip circles around you on the dancefloor of a club, and they’ll be laughing at you and themselves the whole damn time. Chicks this hot usually take themselves way too seriously, but this crew is all about having fun and not giving one shit what people think about them. Follow ‘em on Instagram, watch them do choreographed dance moves in the street in Sydney — they rule parties, they make shit fun, and if they do show up to your party, think of how awesome your Instagram is gonna be the next day when you get a picture of yourself photobombing Alana and Laura having a moonwalking contest! Win win situation!

4. Daren 'The International Tanimal' Crawford

Unleashing the International Tanimal at your party will result in pure joy and entertainment for everyone in attendance. Daren Vinson Crawford is known in film production circles as one of the best water-cinematographers ever to strap on a pair of fins and enter the ocean. He’s known in surfing circles as an awe-inspiring DJ known to set the right mood for any situation. He’s also known for his dynamic flowing dance moves that leave you no choice but to jump on the dancefloor with him and go completely apeshit. Daren, aka Dazza, aka The international Tanimal is great for parties, but even better on surf trips. Not only will he get the most fantastic water shots possible, but he’ll make sure you have the perfect happy hour soundtrack, a movie that you’ve never seen to watch at night, and enough interesting stories to make long boat or car rides go by like you’re in a funny ass time machine. Check out the new print issue of Stab and read the Summer Lovers story, it’s all about Daren.

5. Ozzie Wright And The Goons Of Doom

Always good to have some music at your party, mates! The Goons Of Doom are a helluva good party band. They’ll play anywhere, they play for hours, they’ll have your whole crew sweaty, dancing, and covered in beer in about three seconds flat. Music snobs and dubstep bassheads step aside, this crew plays trash rock at its trashiest and there’s no party they can’t win over. Shit, if you have a tight guest list you can always just invite Ozzie and his ukulele, you’ll have fashonista art critics giddy and entertained for hours watching the one and only Oscar Wrong strum the uke and sing songs about sharks and shit. If you invite Ozzie Wright and the Goons Of Doom to your house, you’re in for a long and wild ride. Last time I had them over they stayed for three days and I think one of them ate my cat.

6. Paul Fisher And Leigh Sedley AKA Cut Snake

Like or hate it, house music makes chicks go berserk, especially when you have a shirtless Paul Fisher sitting on Leigh Sedley’s shoulders hyping up each and every break beat and “drop” (that’s a word people in the techno biz say when the song hits a loud part or some shit). Cutsnake has actually become quite the international sensation, packing bars in Bali, getting signed to record deals, touring, and sweating all over the world. I’m proud of these two, they’re giving it hell in the world of electronic music. I’m pretty sure Sedley is the brains of the operation with Fish being the face and possibly stunt cock – either way, you have these two loose cannons at your party and fun will follow, and probably lots of sex.

7. Betet Merta

You want to have a good party? Invite The Guy! Betet is the best dude ever. Bali, Hawaii, California, wherever – Betet is everybody’s favorite little guy. His big smile and choppy hyper-speak is fun fodder for everyone involved. When you invite Betet to your house, you’re gonna have a whirlwind of positive energy and super fun exploding all over your furniture and friends. For a party to really work, you have to have a mix of cultures and dispositions, you have to have the emo white guys and the happy Balinese brothers co-mingle – the white emo dudes will have no choice but to smile when a Balinese brother like Betet is up in their grill asking them, “I’m the guy or are you the guy? We’re both the guy! Let’s party!” Betet is awesome, I’ll give you his email if you want him at your next birthday bash.

8. Freddy P, Moody, Centeio, Kekoa, JMJ, Roy, Dodd, and friends

Don’t forget to invite this crew to your next party! Trust me. They’ll show up with cases and cases of Bud Light, ready to dance, all dressed up in whatever theme you ask them to do, and they’ll bring positive power and probably hot chicks (wives and friends) with them. Trust me when I say this crew throws the most epic vibe wherever they go. They’ll be giving each other shit the whole time so be sure to stand close to them and listen to the shit they say to each other — take notes cause the shit is classic. If these dudes come, be sure to tell Brian Toth as well ’cause Tothy is like a good rum — add it (him) to anything tropical and you’re in for a good time.

9. Jeremy Flores

J-Flo is all time, always ready for fun, always connected wherever he is in the world, and always in the know of where the party is. You could be in the deepest jungle of Madagascar and ask Jeremy, “Know any good clubs or bars around here?” He’d be on his cell phone in a second finding the spot. Then he’d drop everything, grab you and the crew and take you on a damn party adventure! He’d have you back in time to get tubed the next day. Oh, and as good as he is with finding the party, he’s equally as good at finding sick waves — stick close to Jeremy Flores and don’t leave him off your guestlist, he’s killing it at life.

10. Taj Burrow

From what I’ve heard, when you cruise out with Taj Burrow, you’re taken care of and that’s pretty damn cool. Taj might not be the dude dancing on tables, but he’s definitely keen for a good laugh and a long night on the town. I’ve always said if I was a millionaire, I’d shout the homies any chance I got, and I’m not gonna name names but a lot of the millionaires currently on the World Tour are more likely to give you a wave at Pipeline than buy you a drink at a bar, and that’s just a shame. Look, I know times are tough, but if you got the dough, buy the drinks every once in a while. This is probably not a good argument as I can already hear the crew, “C’mon Taj, Stab says you’re buying’!” Sorry Taj, but yes, you’re invited to our next party.

Kai Lenny surfs Jaws on a jetboard

Here’s Kai Lenny surfing Jaws on a jetboard. WTF, right? This could certainly be a case of no ski, no partner, must surf. Either way, it’s v confusing.

Rare beginner surfing injury leaves Seattle woman paralyzed

Addie Kilam

SEATTLE -- Addie Killam was on Spring Break 2008 in Maui with three college roommates when the girls decided to try surfing. A beginner but already athletic, Addie was quick to stand up on her surfboard.

 "I kind of felt a pop in my lower back," she described.  "It didn't hurt, it wasn't real severe, but it was noticeable."

Addie stayed in the water for another 10 minutes.  She never wiped out, but with some numbness coming and going in her leg, she returned to the beach to rest. She had trouble walking but attributed it to sea legs.

"We think 30-45 minutes later, when my friends were done, I couldn't get up," she said.

Her friends managed to get her to the hospital, and she wound up in the ICU for the next week and a half. The diagnosis? Surfers Myelopathy - a rare, non-traumatic injury that left her a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down.

Surfers Myelopathy can happen when a novice surfer spends an extended amount of time lying on board, looking back at the oncoming waves.  When moving to stand, it's possible to hyperextend the back in a way that pinches the blood vessels running along the spinal cord.  That cuts off the blood flow and oxygen to the spine.

In Addie's case, she had just gone into the water.  And unlike most patients, she had surfed before.

"I don't know. There is no reason why and they did tons of blood work and they really didn't come up with anything.  I think it's just one strike of bad luck," she said.

Addie took her bad luck and kept working towards the life she'd always envisioned.  She has two degrees and works for the FAA. She was an accomplished athlete before the accident - and after - with multiple triathlons, road races and fun runs behind her.

As Addie approaches the seven year anniversary of her injury, she wants others to learn about Surfers Myelopathy. According to the Surfers Myelopathy Foundation, beginning surfers should sit on the board while waiting for waves.  Limit time in the water to about half an hour.  With any back pain, get out of the water immediately, and get medical help.

"They believe time is of the essence," Addie said.  "The sooner you get treated and get the swelling to go down, the better off you'll be in the long run. Some people do recover almost completely."

Addie still holds hope of walking again one day, though as time passes, she knows it's less likely.  It hasn't stopped her from living life to the fullest, and it won't keep her from one day taking a dream vacation back to Hawaii.

Tony Hawk Rides a Real Hoverboard This Time

Tony Hawk & Dave Carnie visit the Hendo Hover warehouse to ride the world's first real hoverboard.

A 16-Year-Old Girl Towed Into Huge Nazaré

Mahina Maeda (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA) gets a taste of the big time after being towed in by Garrett McNamara at the famed break of Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on November 2, 2014. Video by Humberto Santos/Nazaré Qualifica . An entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards

Who needs a surfboard? Not Dylan Graves.

Photo: Chris Burkard

Watch: Surfer rides frigid waves of Alaska’s Cook Inlet tidal bore

ON THE SHORE OF TURNAGAIN ARM, Alaska (CNN) — We journeyed down Alaska’s Seward Highway when a story appeared before us like a supernatural vision.

A wave, a long wave, stretched shore to shore, beneath a panorama of snow and icy-gray November splendor in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

And there it was, in the distance.

“They’re surfing! Surfing in Alaska!” I exclaimed in immature glee to CNN photographer Jeff King, who was driving.

He and I are a journalistic light infantry: We get our assignments, grab a LiveU (a video phone that replaces a satellite truck) and off we go to far-flung destinations to report on politics.

Now we entered hyper-drive to document a traveler’s surprise: We wanted to catch a wave and a surfer on camera. In Alaska. In 32 degrees.

We pulled over. I took the wheel. And Jeff began filming out of the window of the SUV rental.

Just who was this mystery surfer?
Would they be a good interview?

We arrived on the shore to meet the arctic surfer.

The trim athlete in the black wetsuit, hood and gloves was a 22-year-old woman.

Hailey Driver, as it turns out, is an Alaskan adventurer who seems as if she’s jacked up on adrenalin, Mountain Dew and caramel corn.
Could we film her?

Why yes, she said.

By the way, she added, do you want some video she made of herself using a GoPro camera? And with a drone flying overhead?

Some stories come gift-wrapped.

Driver told us about the thrill of the Alaskan surf and about the constant strain on the thighs during 15-minute rides on the tidal bore.

“You just wait for the bore tide to take you away,” she said. “You ride it for as long as you can go, which can be miles.”
What in the name of the Beach Boys is a tidal bore?

This rarity from Mother Nature occurs when the edge of the incoming tide gets pushed up by the outgoing flow of a river or narrow inlet’s current, forming a wave.

There are a few dozen tidal bores shredding the globe, in all climates and perhaps most dramatically in Canada’s Bay of Fundy.

Alaska gave Jeff and me our first glimpse of a tidal bore.

We love this state.

During a prior trip, we played a hunch and found Sarah Palin voting in a hockey rink on Super Tuesday and had a nice live chat in 2012.

Now we found Hailey Driver surfing in 40-degree water between so much amazing scenery.
Even she says it’s hard to stay focused and not fall off the board.

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Keeping Warm When You Are Freezing

I want to help you keep warm between sets. This video explains how to keep your body warm mobile and ready to surf between sets, when the waves aren't as frequent as you might otherwise like or you MAY also just be cold because it's winter!

Ricky Basnett and Llewellyn Whittaker Get Chowed by 15 Sharks (Apparently)

While scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed, Zag Spy came across this sensational video:

According to the headline, 15 year-old Ricky Basnett and his father Llewellyn Whittaker were chowed by 15 hungry sharks. Of course, we all know you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. The thumbnail they’ve used to promote their dodgy link was in fact shot more than a decade ago at Cave Rock during the Rip Curl Tubemasters, and Ricky was competing against Coach Lu* when this pod of dolphins (not sharks) pulled through the lineup.

Neither were bitten, but the moment has resonated around the world – most notably it features on postcards available at shops everywhere along the KZN south coast.