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Most Dangerous Surf Ever Recorded!!!

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Big wave surfing requires more than just physical fitness; it requires mental endurance to prepare for the inevitable hold-downs that happen when pushing limits goes wrong. In this episode of "The Ian Walsh Experience," Ian undergoes training to improve his lung capacity and peace of mind when he wipes out on huge waves. With the help of specialized trainers, he increases his breath holds to over 3 minutes in just one day.

This video of a baby surfing is equal parts adorable and terrifying

It's tough to know exactly how to receive this video. On the one hand it's great that a dad wants to share his passion with his super young baby, but it's also a baby -- on a surf board, with waves and the entire ocean.

Dane Reynolds Does Morocco

 Morocco is one of those places that’s not the first one someone thinks about when planning a surf trip. It probably should be–it’s got everything one could want. Amazing waves, amazing culture, amazing people, and amazing food. Dane Reynolds took a trip along with Luca Silva to your newest place on the bucket list. And how’s that first wave?

A River Floods in Switzerland and Creates One of the Biggest Standing Waves Caught on Camera

Switzerland is probably not a place you would associate with surfing. This video from Schizo-Vreni Food and Travel show’s if your looking for inland surfing action Switzerland can deliver with the guys scoring a head high standing wave.

Bodysurfers free-falling off the face of the Wedge Would you go

In memory of Lifeguard Ben Carlson who lost his life rescuing a person in distress in solid 12 foot surf Sunday night on this swell. Thank you lifeguards for keeping our beachs safe.

Ricardo Dos Santos, 1990-2015: A Video Tribute

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Brazilian surfer Ricardo dos Santos was shot three times on Monday morning near his home in Brazil, and on Tuesday morning passed away.

Ricardo first came to the attention of the wider surfing world in 2011, when he won the Von Zipper Trials at Teahupoo, thereby booking himself a place in the Billabong Pro. He posted a solid score of 14.47 in his Round 1 heat of the contest proper, missing out by under a point to Jordy Smith. It was a warning sign of things to come, and he returned in Round 2 to cause a major upset, taking down Taj Burrow in sizeable Teahupoo waves. He was unlucky not to advance to Round 4, losing to Kelly Slater in his Round 3 heat by 17.60 to 15.84, but that was not the end of his Teahupoo love-affair.

Wins Teahupoo Trials, 2011


Wins Andy Irons Award, Teahupoo, 2012

Wave Of The Winter, Hawaii, 2012-2013

Tow Session, Teahupoo, 2013

XXL Wipeout Of The Year Entry, Puerto Escondido, 2015

The Killer Of Ricardo Dos Santos Claims Self-Defence

The man responsible for the killing of Ricardo dos Santos has claimed he was acting in self-defence when he shot the Brazilian surfer three times on Monday morning.

Brazilian magazine Hardcore, which has been on top of this story from the start, reported that the shooter told police he was merely defending himself and his brother, and that his response was justified. 25 year-old military police officer Luis Paulo Mota Brentano was off-duty when he shot down dos Santos near Embaú Guard beach. He was accompanied at the time by his younger brother, aged 17. The brother has alleged they were threatened by two men, including Ricardo, with knives.

The claims of the two brothers contradict the testimonies of other witnesses, who maintain the attack was unprovoked, and that the brothers had been taking drugs. According to Mauro da Silva, the uncle of the dead surfer, Ricardo merely asked the pair to move on, because their car was in the way of the construction work Ricardo was helping with. When he walked away, he was shot in the back; he then turned around, and was shot twice more in the front. Da Silva, who described the situation as “surreal”, said the gunman was obviously high, and was having difficulties speaking.

Notícias do Día, a Brazilian news site, has reported that the gunman has previously faced two charges from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Catarina, for abuse of authority, bodily injury, threat and home invasion. In both cases he was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.
Ricardo’s passing is made all the more tragic by his own efforts in the past to curb violence in the Embaú Guard area. In 2011 he posted an impassioned plea on social media, imploring the local community to unite together and “put an end to this farce”:
“Today it seems that this piece of ‘heaven’ is losing its charm, it seems that people no longer value the fact that they are in a beautiful and pure place… It is with immense sadness that I write this, but the Guard is being DESTROYED.”
The message ends on a defiant note, which bears repeating now more than ever: “together we will fight for a better Guard.” Foreshadowing the circumstances of his own murder, his post also noted that “residents do nothing because they are afraid of being shot”, and made references to the uselessness of the police force. Given that Ricardo’s killer was himself a member of that very police force, many have seen the whole episode as a microcosm of Brazil’s present troubles.

Dos Santos passed away on Tuesday morning, following four operations and 40 litres’ worth of blood transfusions. Much of this blood was donated specifically for Ricardo; due to a national shortage of available blood in Brazil, surfers such as Adriano de Souza and Alejo Muniz posted the image on the left to their social media accounts.